ReJean is committed towards making a difference in society through its ethical and sustainable practices -

Upcycling for building a better world

At ReJean, we ensure that all the scrap collected is used to create beautiful and utility driven products. 'One man's trash is another man's treasure' is true for us. When we upcycle, not only are we creating something unique but also reducing carbon emissions in the environment by extending the life of the textile. We encourage everyone to upcycle and preserve our precious resources that are fast depleting.

Reducing waste

Fashion & Textile industry is one of the largest contributors of pollution and waste. More than 60% of the fabric fibres consumed by the fashion industry are derived from fossil fuels. They aren’t biodegradable and when you discard them, they end up in a landfill where they release harmful pollutants and toxins that end up damaging the environment

Moreover, due to fast fashion and ever-evolving trends, clothes are getting discarded faster than ever. There's a large chunk of textile that goes into landfills every year adding to the waste and environment pollution.  

Upcycling comes as an ingenious solution to this problem. At ReJean, we use the waste/scrap fabric discarded by industries and save it from burdening the landfills further.

Promoting local artisans

When you buy upcycled products, you also foster local communities, livelihoods and talent which in turn fuels local industry and economy. 

 At ReJean, every product is lovingly handcrafted by the local artisans thus helping them to preserve their talent and enhance their source of income. Our craftsmen take deep pride in every piece they transform from waste which is nothing  but their heartfelt contribution towards making this a better planet.